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How To Get A Heloc (Home Equity Line Of Credit) On Your Home

(or any other type of property)

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Our step-by-step guide will help you get &  understand a Heloc – Home Equity Line Of Credit



How you can still tap into your home’s equity & cash out with a Heloc – Home Equity Line Of Credit – without touching your low interest rate of your 1st mortgage.

With the broadest home equity offering in the industry, our products are the solution to your needs/goal!

  • CLTVs to 95% and DTIs to 50%
  • 85% CLTV on investment properties
  • Adjustable rate HELOCs and fixed rate Home Equity Loans
  • Piggyback purchases & refis, standalone 2nds, and 1st lien HELOCs
  • Primary and Investment Property are Available
  • No Prepaid Penalty
  • No Reserves Needed




Home loans designed for how you live now

Access up to 95% of your home’s equity

Get the cash you need—up to $500,000

Choose from flexible terms—5 to 30 years

Save with 10 years of Interest-only payments

Enjoy a faster, easier digital process

Rely on expert guidance and help

Use cash for home improvements or any large expense

Property Type?*

  • Single Family
  • 2 Unit
  • 3 – 4 Unit
  • Condo
  • PUD
  • Manufactured or Mobile Home

Owner Occupied or Investment Property*

  • Owner Occupied
  • Second Home
  • Investment Property

Property Owned Free and Clear*

What we offer:

  • HELOCS (Adjustable rate) and HELOANS (fixed rate)
  • CLTV’s to a max of 95% available for Piggyback purchases (or) refinances, stand-alone 2nds, and 1st Lien HELOCs
  • Debt Ratios available to 50%
  • FICOs to 660 on the HELOC and 620 on the HELOAN
  • Investment Properties available to 85% CLTV
  • Jumbo Buster:  “break-up” your Jumbo and High Balance loans into an agency or government loan with a simultaneous Piggyback
  • Technology:  including electronic disclosures and real-time pipeline status
  • Prior-use appraisals accepted up to 12 months
  • AVM’s and Drive-by appraisal available depending on loan amount, product, and CLTV
  • No title insurance on loans under $250,000


  • HELOC (Adjustable) Administration Fee = $499

Plus: HELOC Annual Maintenance Fee = $99 per year on anniversary

  • HELOAN (Fixed) Administration Fee = $799

Third Party Fees

Credit Report & Flood     $8 

Doc Prep (Docutech)        $30 

MERS Registration Fee   $24.95 

AVM – if acceptable and qualifies   $45**

Drive-by Appraisal – if required     $149

Full Appraisal (POC) – if required Varies

Recording Fees Varies

Title Report – Title 365 (Line amount /= $250k) Varies**

Notary & Disbursement Fee – Title 365     $290**

CDA & PCI (Collateral Desktop Analysis & Property Condition Inspection)  $110**

– if using a previous (prior use) appraisal

Fees notated with ** are not applicable to Piggyback (purchase or refinance) combos, as we will be using the new first mortgage lender’s appraisal and title company

We will pay for the appraisal review on all Piggybacks with no charge to the borrower.

We will be using the first mortgage outside title company, and they will have their own fees. A FULL ALTA POLICY is required on our loan, but many title companies will provide a “Supplemental Title” Policy. It may piggyback on the new first mortgage title policy, but our loan requires its own title insurance and Closing Protection Letter (CPL).

The fees are an estimate and will vary based on specific loan characteristics.

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