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To everyone out there who is looking to buy a home I highly highly recommend HCF — Miguel Vasquez loan officer and Ivan Alarcon along with the entire staff are very helpful …
I am the type of person that doesn’t trust easily I can tell a lot about people within minutes of talking with them…..

The day I decided to walk into HCF I had already been to two other real estate offices which shall remain nameless- I walked in and literally walked out. The first one I was completely ignored by two agents who didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me to come back or anything I mean I understand we all get busy but please customer service is everything and well the second place was asking for money up front which I thought was a bit awkward…..

So this is how I ended up at HCF I just walked in and was immediately greeted by Ivan who then introduced me to Miguel … Throughout the entire experience, everything went very smooth… Miguel always made time for us … I told him from the get-go that I tend to ask the same questions again and again until in my head they make sense and he always told me it’s okay call or text or shows up at his office which is what I did … He is very patient with his clients… I can honestly say that we trusted Miguel and Ivan that they were looking out for us for our best interest… We now have our new home and couldn’t be happier… Thank you, Miguel, Ivan and HCR Staff
Happy Grateful Home Buyers

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